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Queen’s speech 2017: May promises ‘humility and resolve” as she publishes legislative programme – Politics live

It’s the state opening of parliament, but a slimmed-down, ceremony-lite, pomp-free version. The Queen will be arriving at the House of Lords in a car, not a carriage, and she won’t even be wearing the imperial state crown. Apparently that’s because the snap election meant there was a clash with other royal pageants, like Trooping the Colour, and so the Household Cavalry or whoever would not have had time to practice for it. But it is hard not to read this as a verdict on the quality of our governance. After all, if Theresa May couldn’t secure a majority, why should the Queen see fit to bother with a crown.

According to the briefing released overnight, May acknowledges her failure to win the election outright. The Number 10 press notice quotes her saying:

But that was a “prime minister said” quote from the press release, not a “prime minister will say” quote – ie, a quote on paper, not something actually she has actually said. Whether or not she will use the word “humility” remains to be said.

The Queen’s speech list the bills the government hopes to pass over the next session of parliament, lasting (unusually) two years. It will be dominated by Brexit measures. Otherwise interest will focus on what is in (May’s non-Brexit priorities, and proposals that are non-contentious) and what’ out (anything for which there is not a Commons majority, which includes most of the headline measures in the Tory manifesto).

Here is our overnight preview story.

Here is the timetable for the day.

11.25am: MPs assemble in the Commons before processing to the Lords to hear the Queen’s speech.

2.30pm: MPs begin the Queen’s speech debate, with the main opening speeches coming from Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May.

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