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Is The Kirkland Golf Ball Poised To Make Its Return To Costco?

The Kirkland Signature, the $1.25 wholesale golf ball that shook up the industry for several months before vanishing from store shelves, may soon be making a comeback.

Or at least a version of it.

As noted by MyGolfSpy, the U.S. Golf Association as of March 1 has approved a new Costco Kirkland Signature ball identified as the "Performance One." The previous Kirkland Performance ball that cost just $15 a dozen before apparently going the way of the dodo was the "Tour Performance."

(Photo credit: Costco)

There indeed is a pretty extensive list of conforming golf balls on the USGA website, with Kirkland’s two entries tucked between the Kira-Jet and KiraLine balls from Japan and the Kixck Tour-Z ball that’s often seen in commercials on the Golf Channel.

Costco in January indefinitely suspended production of its Kirkland Signature balls after exhausting its initial supply (purportedly overruns of a European ball made by a South Korean manufacturer); notably there was a massive run on the so-called K-Sigs after a MyGolfSpy test showed its performance rivaled that of the biggest brands in the $1.5 billion golf ball market.

The construction of the second version of the Kirkland Signature is slightly different, with the USGA list identifying both as being four-piece balls with a triple cover. The previous Tour Performance ball also had a solid center designation that’s not included in the description of the newer Performance One.

The same manufacturer is listed for both versions, but the more recent addition is undoubtedly a different ball than the original — even if it will look exactly the same from the outside. What that means in terms of performance remains to be seen. And that’s probably the biggest question mark looking ahead.

A Costco Wholesale warehouse location in Woodbridge, Virginia. Kirkland Signature golf balls disappeared from Costco shelves just months after their initial appearance. (Photo credit: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

There’s currently no release date for the balls to return Costco’s shelves. Still, it can’t be too much of a coincidence that the newest version of the Kirkland Signature has popped up on the USGA’s conforming ball list just before the start of spring (and the official start of the golf season for many parts of the U.S.)

Here’s the thing though, it would be a serious stretch to think that the K-Sig Performance One will be just $15 a dozen like its predecessor, regardless of how it actually performs on the golf course. But with the excitement that this ball generated in its previous incarnation, it’s almost a given that the demand will be similar when it does return. Just make sure your Costco membership is up to date.


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